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JD Vincent Design clients have a vast array of products - hard and soft lines - apparel, jewelry, home decor and furniture to name a few. We offer visual merchandising designer services based on corporate standards for nationally based companies as well as offering a complete visual merchandising design package for individual stores - spatial planning, window display design, point-of-purchase displays and consultation on signage, lighting, display window design & industry trends.

Visual Merchandising Design



Our mission is to provide creative, fast and effective solutions to clients with our talented visual methods of visual merchandising design, merchandising and display design ​services.



 "My small company in the gift business (home accessories/tabletop) was seeking a better trade show design - fixtures, tables, etc. as well as advice on actual product placement. jd vincent design was able to work within my budget telecommuting style - phone conference, emails, computer drawings etc. The result was a focused, bright & clean design with an emphasis on product that I was very pleased with. They really do work within any budget.  

Scott Meyers


Circa Asia

Never A Charge For The First "Look & See" Visual Merchandising project.

A jewelry/watch repair shop in a high profile mall needed an eye catching visual - we designed this.

There is never a charge for the initial first "Look & See What The Project Is". We have to start somewhere - and here is where we start. After a first meeting and the project is laid out, the potential client will receive a Project Price Quote that lays out what the project consists of, what JD Vincent Design is proposing to do and what the costs will be. It's as simple as that.

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A design for a kiosk style display window at the Hyatt Regency Chicago promoting  Chicago tourism.

Q: What is Visual Merchandising?

A: A Visual Merchandising Designer is someone who makes product look good. It is the enhancement of product by visual means such as arrangement, enhancement with prop styling, lighting and having your product "tell a story".

Q: Is Visual Merchandising expensive?

A: JD Vincent Design has many affordable options to suit every project and budget. No project is too big or too small. 


Visual Merchandising Christmas

An outdoor Christmas installation for the Cartier Chicago boutique.

Christmas is a big part of every retailers' bottom line. JD Vincent Design has been lucky to be involved in multiple Christmas projects over the years - both design and installation.

It's Never To Soon To Start Planning Christmas Installations

Macy's "Holiday Lane" - installation in all 18 Macy's North stores by JD Vincent Design.

Some companies and businesses start planning their next Christmas design as soon as their current holiday design has been installed.