About us


What we do


Our mission is to provide creative, affordable, fast and effective solutions to clients with our talented visual methods of visual merchandising design, merchandising and display design ​services.

A design for an apparel booth at a golf industry trade show. Bobby Jones at the PGA Merchandise Show

How we do it

 JD Vincent Design is a Visual Merchandising, Merchandising and Creative Space Management company that provides visual merchandising design services, staffing to retail stores/wholesale showrooms and trade shows.  We bring the best visual merchandising designers and merchandisers to  your stores, showrooms, and trade show booths to visually transform your spaces to bring in more consumer traffic to increase sales.  

A "Shadow Box" style display window in a downtown hotel showcasing the Chicago Cultural Center.


  These are the three biggest attributes that JD Vincent Design retail store visual merchandising & wholesale trade show booth design  brings  to each project. Our unique brand of  AFFORDABLE solutions to your retail or wholesale  project combined with our proven CREATIVE vision and with instant ACCESS to all the services your project requires without layers of account representatives getting in the way